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Wanna Lose Weight Quickly?

So, you wanna lose weight huh? Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a double or triple chin.  Feel like you need a shoe horn and Vaseline to get your pants on? What about the fact that your closet is filled with more varied sizes of clothes than a local Goodwill chapter? If any of these things jabbed you in the gut, listen up!

Ill give you a moment to catch your breath.

I have located the secret to this ever expanding problem, if you’ll pardon the pun. Are you ready to find out how to quickly lose weight? Strap yourself in, turn off the tv, and put down the chocolate bar. Here it is:


That’s it! The magic formula to having a beach body is summed up in those three words. This isn’t a trick and there is no smoke and mirrors. Now, I suppose you want me to explain. Since I want nothing more for you than success, I will.

The secret to losing weight, or anything in life, is to do something new because whatever you were doing up until this point isn’t working. The decisions you have been making that led to your dissatisfaction with your weight, in this case, have all led up to this. They have brought you to the valley of decision. However, this is where most people stop.


                                Thought or Action?

Three frogs sitting on a log and two decide to jump off. How many are left sitting on the log?

One, right? Wrong!!! There are three still sitting there. Making a decision without action is just a thought. Notice, I didn’t say you could quickly lose weight by thinking something new. While that is a good place to start, it has to be followed by action. A thought is a noun, while action is a verb. It never goes anywhere without the do part.

I also said this was a quick way to lose weight, and I didn’t lie. We can argue the semantics about the definition of “quick”, or you can just do something new. Arguing about what you think is quick will keep you hanging with the frogs on the decision log.

I say quick because time will continue to march on and the “quicker” you start acting on the decision, well, you can see where I am going. The quicker you will lose weight!!! Whatever you have been doing that has not contributed to this goal needs to be adjusted somehow, today!!

I didn’t say throw away all of the junk food, hire a trainer, buy a treadmill, and only eat salad. Sure, you can do those things eventually. For now, just start somewhere. If you eat a cheeseburger, fries, and milkshake every day at lunch, don’t order the fries today. That is something new. Use that as a foundation and build on it from there.

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