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Welcome The Trauma Survivor’s Thriver Podcast to Mental Health News Radio Network

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 1st, 2023 — Mental Health News Radio Network is pleased to announce the addition of the established podcast, “A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast” focused on the topic of Mental Health. The show was launched by Binstock Media Group LLC and is hosted by Lorilee Binstock, a trauma survivor and thrive.

As a childhood sexual abuse survivor who received treatment for PTSD later in adulthood, Lorilee learned that sharing her story allowed and even encouraged others to share their stories, giving them the courage to pursue treatment. After receiving the help she needed, she shares what she learned to potentially help others. Podcasting was the vehicle she needed to take her mess and turn it into her message. The first time Lorilee ever heard the term “trauma survivor thriver” was in mental health treatment. Her therapist introduced herself as such. Lorilee learned it is, “a person who is thriving after surviving a trauma.” This is something she wanted to continue to strive for and made the podcast name choice an easy one. Lorilee is a broadcast journalism major from the University of Florida. After college she worked for CBS Radio News in New York before becoming a reporter, producer and morning show anchor in Virginia. After her mental health took a nosedive and she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, she took a job in PR. When working with a client who was a sexual abuse survivor, she realized what he was saying resonated with her and that instead of bipolar disorder, she was struggling with PTSD. From there she was eventually able to get the healing needed to propel her to find her purpose and share her story as a childhood sexual abuse survivor and thriver.

Lorilee decided to add her show to the Mental Health News Radio Network in order to reach more survivors who yearn to thrive and those already on that healing journey. As a trauma survivor herself, she has good days and bad days. Healing has been a journey of choices which she didn’t have before she began on this path. She has found the opportunity for growth in the bad times is what has successfully kept her afloat, even when she has felt like she was drowning. It’s all about perspective and although it gets hard, it also gets better.

For more information and to listen to A Trauma Survivor Thriver’s Podcast, please visit:

The podcast joins over 70 podcasts covering all aspects of mental health on Mental Health News Radio Network, the world’s first mental health only podcast network.

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