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What is Feminine Power and How Do We Find It?


Lisa Erickson joins Kristin and Martha to talk about feminine power!

Who are you? Here are the answers likely to be repeated ad Infinitum: I am a wife, mother, daughter, caretaker, teacher, cashier, volunteer. I cook, clean, shop, manage the health and well-being of my husband, children, extended family all while ignoring my own well being, run consistently on fumes and will not sleep unless I know my people are AOK. All very valid observations of the role you play on a daily basis, but I’ll ask again…. WHO ARE YOU?

We’ve just described what you do in the human world to keep the status quo humming along but nowhere in that description is there any reference to what you love about yourself, what books inspire you, what dreams you have for the future, your favorite foods and music, your favorite color and scent. What make you feel happiness and gratitude and what pushes your buttons. Tell me what makes your heart sing, then we will have a clue about who you are.

Our ideas about who we are have been imposed on us from the day our heart started beating by people who were dealing with their own psychological issues imposed on them by their own psychologically challenged parents, and on and on. The “filters” we all see the world through are the product of all of the indoctrination we’ve experienced from our families, friends, teachers, religious leaders. Very few of us were raised in an atmosphere of unconditional love, complete acceptance, knowing that we are divine beings who are here to offer their unique and singular gift to the world. And we, as women have not been taught that our energetic infrastructure is somewhat different from that of a man.

On this week’s episode of Empowered Empaths, Kristin and I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Erickson who is the author of “Chakra Empowerment for Women, Self Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power and Finding Overall Wellness. Lisa describes how our perceptual filters contribute mightily to our sense of self, how our unique energetic make up does not respond well to a one size fits all method of energetic intervention.

Lisa talks about how the Chakras play a large and very important part in our life experience in general and how learning about them and what they do can and does improve our experience of self. Each Chakra translates energy into the body in specific ways. For example, the root chakra is where we experience fear or empowerment, safety or insecurity, depending on whether the chakra is open or blocked. It is through understanding the chakras, their individual characteristics, and how to manage the system to keep energy flowing freely through the system.

We will never find out who we really are if we continue to accept as gospel the skewed perceptions of people who are themselves living under the hypnosis of their own defective learning. To learn about who we are and to understand that personal power is not about force, we must travel with each chakra, getting to know it’s unique energy signature and voice. We must become friends and companions with these powerful energy vortices because it is through understanding these archetypal patterns that will give us a real and true knowledge of self. Combined with meditation, practicing mindfulness and self awareness, chakra consciousness will assist brilliantly in our quest to define and express our authentic power.

May you be blessed with the knowing that you are more than you can imagine and the yearning to discover what that is.

Many blessings…Martha

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