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Women Who Lead: Let’s Start at the Beginning with Catherine Greer Limpo


Join Kristin Sunanta Walker and Catherine Greer Limpo with a new series on Mental Health News Radio about female leadership. Women who lead will explore the dynamics of women in leadership positions from CEOs to Senior Management to Directors to Agents of Social Change. We’ll be interviewing women from all walks of life for a very different take on what it means to be a driven, ambitious, compassionate – yet authentic leader.

Catherine is a mom, a friend, a leader, a professional, a mentor, a daughter, a sister, and most importantly, a mistake-maker. She has a deep desire to understand how we, as women, connect to one another and to our world as leaders.

Her mission is to help other women to see the leader in themselves in every aspect of life, and despite our suffering or blemishes, to succeed. She has had multiple experiences and careers throughout her life, and have been so fortunate to build relationships with special people throughout time and across the globe. She is grateful for the opportunities that have and continue to present themselves in her life. And glad to share these experiences- and even more importantly, to share how it has shaped the woman and leader she chooses to be.

Life is no way near perfect. But it is as exciting as it is tricky. She wants to continue to grow and learn in her imperfection as her path continues. Her hope is that we can do this together as we explore leadership, women as leaders, and how we show up.

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