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Workplace Benefits from Being on the Spectrum


Guest: Peter Mann
Topic: Strengths of Autism in the Workplace

Join Dr. Stephanie and Dan Holmes as they interview autistic entrepreneur Peter Mann.
Peter unknowingly tapped into being neurodivergent, using his autism to become a highly successful serial entrepreneur and CEO.

Being autistic allowed him to:

  • see unusual patterns to improve business strategy
  • create first-of-kind products with unique physical designs
  • take business risks

However, being neurodivergent came with a personal cost – such as having challenges developing and maintaining close relationships. Peter’s confirmed late autism diagnosis has changed his life. While he still focuses on developing his business, he has pivoted his time to find new ways to support others who are neurodivergent and may not know how to tap into their abilities to succeed at work. His new mission is to advocate for autism awareness in the workplace – and help others overcome obstacles to create cool new companies, products and more.

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