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You Cannot Fill the Narcissist’s Bottomless Well of emptiness


Beneath the bravado, peripatetic confidence and nonchalance of the narcissist and his glorious series of personas and endless masks lies a bottomless well of psychological and emotional emptiness. This podcast refers to male and female narcissistic personalities.

Deep in the unconscious the narcissistic personality is badly damaged: desperate, lost, empty. There are no inner resources that provide the narcissist with calm feelings of contentment, solitude, soothing, inner peace. Long ago in early childhood the narcissist experienced deep wounds and deficits to his psyche. In place of authenticity the narcissist put on the clothing and masks of the false self. Charming, superficially confident, cunning, charismatic, the false self narcissist plays convincing roles that are believed and accepted. 

Despite all of his successes and triumphs, the narcissist beneath the surface of his masks, remains psychologically and emotionally empty, a bleak inner world devoid of feeling, empathy, attachment, humanness.

You make a decision to marry the narcissist and at first is like a fairy tale come true. Soon the complaints, litanies of criticisms, sarcastic, cutting remarks begin and are directed at you. 

As the psychological chasm widens, the darker more vicious aspects of the narcissist are revealed. 

You are in high gear, blaming yourself for the narcissist’s rages and disappointment at you. You tell yourself multiple times that it is up to you to make him feel better, to ease his restless pain, to fill his cup of emptiness. But these wounds originated in early childhood and are completely entrenched. You cannot fill them and heal the narcissist’s psychopathology.

Becoming keenly aware of the fullness, depth and beauty of your true self is the key to your personal transformation. 

Live and thrive in the parasympathetic mode, Take time to rest, relax, reflect each day. Exercise the way you enjoy it most. Get good sleep. Listen to soothing music. Enjoy the company of a few people with fine characters whom you trust. Eat high quality food and hydrate well. 

Know that you will free yourself, recover, restore, create and transform along your own pathway of the authentic self 

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