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You Should Not Have To Be Punished Twice–With Kadianne Givans

Be careful you don’t violate the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Guidelines on hiring people who were formerly incarcerated.  You may be breaking certain laws around this matter.  Employers/Employees check out the EEOC guidelines regarding hiring formerly incarcerated people.  It may keep you out of “Hot Water” and no one should be punished again after serving a sentence in prison/jail.

Info on Kadianne Givans: 

Kadianne is a remarkable woman who made a choice that landed her in prison for many years.  While she could have been bitter, Kadianne chose to elevate herself by educating herself with books and choosing to help others stay out of prison, today. Her story will “move” you.   She is a co-author of “The Strength of My Soul” book, which was presented by SharRon Jamison.  I am grateful to also be a co-author in this award-winning book.   You can read Kadianne’s story by purchasing the book here:  Kadianne recently earned her AA degree and is continuing her education.  


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