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Your Hidden Power – #195 – Turn Pain Into Power, Through Your Own Courage


Host Doug Stephan welcomes Author, International Speaker, Clinical Psychologist and Wisdom Teacher, Dr. Shefali, MD, PhD. Her current book “A RADICAL AWAKENING -Turn Pain into Power – Embrace Your Truth – Live Free” lays out a path to heal a woman’s own emotional disconnect—and those of women collectively—it prepares her to discover inner truth, and her own powers. She says “This book i s about your awakening. It i san ode and an homage to your authentic self, the self that is waiting to be birthed anew.” Next, Paranormalist Uri Geller says that “Your DNA can be reprogrammed through the power of intention.” Finally, Psychic Scout Mary O’Maley says that she is big on telling others how to let go and trust that The Universe will see them through.

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