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Your Thoughts Do Not Have To Be Your Reality, Change Is Always Possible


On today’s episode of Brain Hijack, we respond to the myth “Once a person thinks about suicide, they will never change their mind and they will die by suicide.”

Listen in as Adam and Brooke speak with Dr. Marjan Holloway, a Professor of Medical and Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry at Uniformed Services University about self-regulation as it relates to suicidal thoughts. Dr. Holloway emphasizes that it’s okay to acknowledge and recognize in the moment that you are having suicidal thoughts and just because you are having suicidal thoughts does not mean you have to engage with the act of suicide. She goes on to share steps you can take to talk to your doctor if you are having suicidal thoughts. Our takeaway from today’s episode: your thoughts are always subject to change and just because you have a suicidal thought, you do not have to act upon it.

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