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Youturn Health's coach managers Zach and Lisa provide Hope and Support


Zach and Lisa discuss how Peer Coaching works at Youturn Health and also share their stories of success. As lead coaches, this is more than a job to them as they have both walked through grief and loss and tragedy. They have lived experience and are state-certified, NAADAC-credentialed, and specially trained in assertive engagement principles by the nation’s leading recovery support experts. They work with Veterans, individuals, and families and are spreading hope and support where there once was confusion and chaos.
More about Zach:
United States Army Veteran working on a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. Currently working as an Recovery Coach Manager for Youturn Health, offering comprehensive care via telehealth services, to individuals and their families dealing with substance use and mental health disorders. Helping people find meaning and purpose through a life in recovery.

Currently serving as the Justice-Involved Warrior Advocate at Upstate Warrior Solution. Passionate caseworker assisting to identify veterans and family members in the judicial system. Conduct outreach efforts with visits to the Detention Centers, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Municipal Courts. Serves as the liaison between UWS and these agencies. Knowledgeable of the Veterans Affairs Administration and competent to assist clients in navigating the system to obtain benefits and services. Skilled at assessing a client’s needs and navigating local resources to meet those requirements.

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