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Zestful Aging and Mental Health


Nicole and Kristin talk about all things women over about 45 seem to experience. Things like plantar fasciitis, menopause, mental health concerns, and more. Her podcast, Zestful Aging, just joined Mental Health News Radio Network and we couldn’t be happier.

Nicole Christina has been a psychotherapist for almost 30 years, specializing in eating disorders and food issues. You can find her blog posts on

One day in 2018 her intern suggested that she think about podcasting in order to share her message with a wider audience. A big believer in striking while the iron is hot, the next day she took her laptop to the home of Vicky Lane, a local woman fly fishing expert and volunteer. After that interview, She was hooked (no pun intended).
Zestful Aging is currently heard in 80 countries, in part because she is a media partner with the International Federation of Aging. Her hope for the Podcast is that it inspires and reframes aging as a time of great opportunity and growth. Themes of resilience and humanitarianism shine through in almost every conversation. Her diverse guests are contributing to the world using their unique gifts. The conversations go beyond the obvious sound bites; she makes every attempt to have a deep, nuanced conversation and understand my guest’s motivations and fears.
One of her renowned guests, Ashton Applewhite states, “Aging is living.” Nicole hopes the conversations bring richness and a fresh perspective to your life.

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