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Leaving The Matrix with Jeff Berwick


Anarcho-Capitalist. Libertarian. Freedom fighter against mankind’s two biggest enemies, the State and the Central Banks. Jeff Berwick founded  (TDV) in 2010 with Ed Bugos. Jeff is a prominent speaker at many of the world’s freedom, investment and cryptocurrency conferences including , his own annual event in Acapulco, Mexico currently going on its 10th year. Jeff’s background in the financial markets dates back to his founding of Canada’s largest financial website, , in 1994. In the late ‘90s the company expanded worldwide into 8 different countries and had 250 employees and a market capitalization of $240 million USD at the peak of the “tech bubble”. To this day more than a million investors use for investment information every month. After selling the company in 2002 he tried to sail around the world and sank his boat in El Salvador. He then carried on via backpack to over 100 countries in a quest to understand the world through his own eyes and not the lens of the fakestream media. Since founding TDV in 2010 he was the first financial analyst in the world to recommend Bitcoin at $3 in 2011. He also recommended Ethereum at $2 in 2016. Bitcoin went on to record a gain of 2,300,000% and Ethereum gained 239,900% from his recommendation price making him the most prolific financial analyst in the history of the world. He has since been banned nearly everywhere for exposing the globalist and central bank systems but still publishes regular videos on  with his dog Lucy. He published a worldwide best selling book, ‘’ in 2020 and was one of the first to expose the entire Covid plandemic psychological operation which he outlined in his book. Berwick is no longer allowed on mainstream television, Youtube, Facebook and most other mainstream platforms as he constantly exposes government narratives and helps people to not only survive but profit from the financial collapse and the apocalypse. Berwick also helped found the anarcho-capitalist country  and is currently the Ambassador and Diplomat for Liberland in Mexico. The Dollar Vigilante TV –  Jeff Berwick Interview 2024, Anarcho-Capitalist, Libertarian, Dollar Vigilanted, Globalist, Central bank systems, Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, Government narratives, Financial collapse, Apocalypse, Liberland, Ambassador, Diplomat, Sovereignty, Free market, Gold standard, Fiat currency, Decentralization, Cryptocurrency, Precious metals, Economic freedom, Alternative currencies


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