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Ep019: Katrina King – Recovered Purpose and Chasing the Dragon

In 2011, while Katrina was incarcerated pending sentencing for prescription fraud, possession, distribution and other charges related to her addiction, Katrina’s 20-year-old daughter began heavily abiding prescription pills. Within months, her beautiful and naive little girl was completely addicted and out of control. Katrina felt panicked and powerless as she was told that the child who was always terrified of needles, was now injecting herself with death regularly. Only a few days after she was advised of Kirstyn’s deteriorating condition, her child overdosed while her mother was trapped in jail, paralyzed by inexplicable grief, regret, and crippling hopelessness. 

Today, Katrina advocates for all suffering from substance abuse, their families and trauma survivors. The founder for “Recovered Purpose”, she has dedicated her life to serving others. She is driven to honor her daughter and leave a legacy of love to her son and his family. Katrina is proud of her son who serves our country enthusiastically in a branch of the military.

Recovered Purpose:


Chasing the Dragon:

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