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Larry King, Doug Conant and Norman Lear get intimate on new Mental Health News Radio Network podcast My Wakeup Call.

Mental Health News Radio Network is delighted to announce that Dr. Mark Goulston’s podcast My Wakeup Call has joined its roster of shows, covering all aspects of mental health.

Psychiatrist, consultant, best-selling author and former FBI hostage negotiator Dr. Goulston brings his listening and communication skills to in depth conversations with exceptional guests who share stories about how their lives changed after personal wake up calls.

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Improving Patient Retention Rates in Behavioral Health

In today’s world of convenience, it is simple to search for a product or service you need online, order it, and move on with your life with very little interruption. Often, once a consumer has received their product or service, they never have contact with the vendor again. Their transaction over, there is no need for additional communication.

In the health industry, however, particularly in the field of behavioral health, it is much more important that the patient and doctor build a relationship of trust. Several factors can be involved in a patient’s physical and mental state, and past relationships can be crucial in diagnosing and treating the patient and maintaining the patient’s health.

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