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Overcoming addiction through exercise and community. Eric speaks with Andrea Macone, the New England Youth & Young Adult Program Manager of The Phoenix (

The Phoenix offers a free sober active community to individuals who have suffered from a substance use disorder and to those who choose a sober life. Using a peer support model, we help members heal and rebuild their lives while also striving to eliminate stigma around recovery.

On todays show, John Mabry and your host Stewart Michaelson discuss hope, strength, courage and the lessons learnt along the journey.

John’s life has been filled with both triumphs and tribulations. John and I talk about his varsity days at Baylor, the automobile accident that changed his life and how opiates entered his life.

We talk about hanging with Adam Sandler at the Playboy mansion and how his life came full circle as we discuss his living conditions in a trailer park because of his disease. Finally, John and I talk about the REAL issue that led him to a life of pills, booze and street drugs….you may be surprised!

Johnnie Calloway and Ora Nadrich discuss in this series of podcasts; Show #1) What is a Thought Coach? Show #2) What is the difference between a Thought Coach and a Life Coach? Show #3) Why do we need a Thought Coach?

The core concept of the mini-series of podcasts is to define and explain the purpose and value of a Thought Coach.

When I grew up, I never wanted to be an alcoholic or heroin addict, my goal was to be a professional barefoot water-skier. Today, I am a humble servant of GOD. I take people from Dope to Hope! Tim Ryan and I, Stewart Michaelson discuss his addiction, his recovery and the journey he follows everyday trying to help those still suffering. Raise your hand and ASKME4MYHELP!

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe dive all the way in to the controversy! Mike and Joe discuss MAT( Medicated Assisted Treatment) and how the use of this style including the use of Marijuana could save lives! Should the narrative be changed, to harms reduction, rather than abstinence. Mike and Joe share their thoughts, passion, and witty banter, to provide thought provoking content in hopes to initiate a spark of influence and honest conversation.

On this episode of the All In Recovery Podcast, Mike and Joe discuss a variety of emotional and controversial topics relating to Stigma, Choice and Overdose. Mike and Joe discuss their experiences with lives lost due to addiction, and provide thought provoking content as to why enough is not enough. Addiction is the not so silent killer, but when presented on a mainstream level, the response has yet to be heard. Join Mike and Joe as they continue to seek answers and bring about unity from all aspects.


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