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95: Don’t Let the D’s (Despair and Depression) Get You Down!

If you’ve struggled with binge eating, food addiction or emotional eating for some time, you may find that the stresses and isolation of the quarantine have worsened your symptoms.  Or you may have had other life challenges that have caused stress and overwhelm in your life.  All of this can lead to depression and feelings of hopelessness or despair.  It can make your battle to make peace with food and your body feel even more difficult, leading you to fall back on using food to numb your emotions or provide comfort during these trying times.  But there is hope!  By nourishing your spirit, you can build resilience to help replenish your resources and give you the boost you need to rise to meet the challenges in your life.   In this episode you will learn: What are the causes of despair? What are the symptoms of spiritual depletion and despair? What are 3 actions you can take to get back on top of your game?

94: Tattoos and Trauma

Tattoos have become more acceptable over the years but are often only seen as having decorative value.  My guest #DonnaTorrisi has written a book about the connection between tattoos and trauma.  While a tattoo sits only on the skin, the meaning of tattoos may be much deeper for some individuals, telling a story of a difficult time in their lives, a loss or a story of abuse.  In this way, tattoos are a form of self-expression that can tell you something about the person and their life’s journey.  We heal from trauma in many ways…tattoos are one of those ways.    In this episode, you will learn: How tattoos can create a bond between people who have experienced difficult life circumstances. How body markings can play a part in healing from trauma. Whether Dr. Carolyn has a tattoo and if yes, why?

92: How Body Image Archetypes Can Help You Be The Best You Can Be

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating and food addiction, you may also have body image issues.  Your body image issues may keep you from doing what you want to do in life and keep you from being the best you can do.   Think of your body identity as a role or archetype you have chosen to play in your life for the time being until you are able and willing to be your best self. This is the way you’ve learned to cope with being in a bigger body.   Are you the rebel, wounded child or sexy mama?  Whatever role you’re playing it may be covering up the truth of who you are.   In this podcast, you will learn: How identifying your archetype may help you to see your authentic self. How negative self-talk just makes binging, food obsessions worse Why you can’t “hate yourself thin.”

93: 5-Day Money Attraction Challenge Podcast

In this podcast, you will learn:

1. About the 13 money traumas and how they may be holding you back
2. Why how you manage your money can be a window into your other life challenges.
3. The difference between being deserving and being worthy and how that affects your ability to attract money into your life.

I will be joining Tasha to talk about how money issues relate to food and body image issues on her 5-Day Money Attraction Challenge.

87: Eating Disorders in Pregnancy with Jaren Soloff, RD

In this podcast, you will learn:

> What is the most critical time for your baby to get the best nutrition for health and development?
> What are some of the triggers during pregnancy for binge eating disorder, emotional eating, and food addiction?
> How to nourish yourself during the fourth trimester.

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