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How To Deal With Difficult People

Study Finds Millennials Aren’t Ready For The ‘Reality Of Life’ & Suffer From Panic Attacks And Anxiety

A study of 2,000 would-be students found many aren’t prepared for university life

More than half of millennials don’t know how to pay a bill or the real costs of rent.

Researchers warned that prospect of leaving home is worrying many millennials

Around half are anxious at this prospect and 27 per cent are having panic attacks

Reflecting Questions

What do you think are some of the fundamental reasons why many millennials aren’t mentally prepared to deal with the real world?

Do you think that the “trophy just for participating” parenting style has done much more harm than good for millennials?


Featured Guest: Thomas Gagliano

Is there someone in your life who’s causing you stress & hair loss. Is there someone in your life who pushes your patience to the test? Today our featured guest will offer insight and advice on how to deal with difficult people.

Thomas Gagliano is a life coach, published author, and a key note speaker with a Master’s degree in social work. He was a bully as a kid and a recovering addict Tom is a regular on many radio networks and on the TBN television network. He is the best-selling author of “The Problem Was Me”, with Dr. Abraham Twerski, and “Don’t Put Your Crap in Your Kid’s Diaper: The clean up cost can last a lifetime.”

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