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The Emotional Journey: How to Support Parents


Join Dr. Holmes and she interviews Dr. John Chimarusti who shares his story of being “born dead” and left on a table to die covered by a sheet with medical professionals encouraging his parents to “let him go, he will not have a quality of life.” Dr. Chimarusti shares his emotional journey as a person with cerebral palsy and his family’s emotional journey roller coaster navigating the ups and downs of a family life cycle. Dr. Chimarusti is passionate about supporting families with children with various differences and disabilities to instill hope as part of the family’s journey. There is hope for a future and reaching one’s potential, whatever that may be, but each family is on their own journey and medical and clinical professionals can learn to better support the journey instead of focusing on the challenges alone.

Dr. John Chimarusti holds his BS in Psychology, MA in Social Work, and Ph.D. in Family studies. He currently works at Carrie Tingley Hospital as an Outpatient Social Worker, from May 21, 1996, through the present. He has also been an instructor for the University of New Mexico. He is able to be contacted at

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