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Virtual Learning: Empowering Parents and Students with Autism During Covid-19


Join Dr. Stephanie and David Glick as they talk about creating a sensory safe environment for students with autism during this unprecedented time of virtual learning during the COVID crisis. David and Stephanie discuss how to tell your child(ren) with autism about COVID and how to handle the disruption of routine that this current health crisis is creating. Stephanie and David discuss healthy social distancing and how this is different from complete isolation. This segment is aimed at parents with students on the autism spectrum to discuss strategies and helps and resources during this virtual learning time.

Dave Glick is the founder and director of Triad Psyc, P.C. and has been working in the combined fields of behavioral health, special education, and disability services since 1993. Originally trained at Boston University, he has worked as a special education teacher, behavior analyst/specialist, clinical director, and as a disability consultant and advocate. He holds a master’s in both education and social work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Dave founded Triad Psych, p.c. in 2003 to provide valuable resources to the special needs community.

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