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Dealing with Mid-COVID stress


Trevor Steinhauser, the host of the Stigmatized Podcast, joins
me to look at the funky weird state we’re in mid-COVID and its bearing
on our mental wellness.

Do you feel like your super over COVID even though we’re not over COVID?
Are you tired, frustrated, and in need of a self-care recharge?

The reality is that it’s ok to not feel ok, that you may be desperately missing normalcy or having a sense of uncertainty with your social, personal, and work-life when it comes to COVID.

We have teachers uncertain about what their classroom is going to look like. There are parents on edge about how to respond with the upcoming school year. The countless struggling with heightened anxiety and depression with the impending uncertainty of what to expect with work, traveling, socializing, and simply dealing with everyday life.

Trevor and I chat on ways to identify when we’re not in a good place and look at ways to strengthen our mental wellness and get in a flow that works for us.

Check out Trevor’s Podcast, at, as well as the Stigmatized Pod on Instagram and Stigmatized Podcast on Facebook.

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