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Ruthless Greed Rules the Narcissistic Personality


If we are honest with ourselves we admit that we are all personally greedy at times. We desire to indulge whether it is food, attention, adulation, praise, validation or material possessions, properties, money, lucrative investments, exotic trips and treks, fancy clothes, jewelry and any number of fungible goods. 

Those who are married to or divorcing narcissists or who grew up in a toxic narcissistic family understand the endless quality of this greed. Ruthless greed is never satiated in the narcissist. It appears to provide temporary pleasure but then the greed beast awakens to begin the psychopathological cycle all over again.  

An essential feature of narcissistic greed is that these individuals are takers not givers. When they do give it, it is always conditional, based on the fulfillment of their demands and punitive rules. Narcissists attempt to take everything from us: physical health, psychological inner peace, our sense of trust, our deep integrity, our unique creativity, our sense of wholeness and core strength. 

The narcissist preys upon his victims and swoops in when they are weakened, exhausted and have lost their physical vitality and psychological stamina. 

The narcissist will squeeze every bit, piece, remnant, particle of what is most precious to you and intends to leave you with nothing, not even a scintilla of inspiration, creativity or a core sense of self. 

This is the time of decision; you are listening to your wise intuition. The message is clear; leave now; this person cannot change, you have done more than your best, you deserve to reconstitute your authentic self and to move forward on your own special pathway of evolution, creativity, recovery and restoration.  I honor your decision to take the reins in your strong, capable hands, following the true north of your real self. 

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