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A Naked Thinking Approach To Motivating Yourself and Others


For more than twenty-five years, Phil D’Agostino, a licensed therapist, life coach, and personal-development specialist, has spoken to thousands of individuals about what makes them miserable and stops them from achieving their greatest life goals. Almost always, it boils down to a single fact: they know what to do and even how to do what it takes to be happier or more effective, but their own emotions stop them in their tracks.

In Naked Thinking, D’Agostino explains his concept of thinking critically without the wet blanket of emotions stifling you. He outlines practical techniques that will energize your soul, help you take greater control of how you feel, and find the power and will within yourself to live a life by design and without regrets. He includes specific strategies for:

•improving the way you think;

•taking greater control of your emotional control panel;

•making the most of your life and all its vagaries;

•improving your relationships with your loved ones, children, boss, customers;

•focusing the power or your mind and what you already know to make great decisions that really work;

•becoming more self-confident to speak to groups and present your ideas to management and others; and

•taking greater control over your depression or anxiety disorder and just be happier.

Through real-life examples, Naked Thinking illustrates how to tame your emotions so you can focus your abilities and become more effective in decision-making and implementation, find the power within yourself, and become the master of your own life plan. Visit www.NakedThinking.Com.

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